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Southern Cross Compressors (Australia) joined the global Kaishan Group in 2013 and has supplied and serviced a comprehensive range of Kaishan designed and manufactured air compressors and components throughout the last seven years under the Southern Cross brand.

The acceptance and performance of the Kaishan product range in the local market has proved hugely successful, with Southern Cross more than tripling its business over the last five years.With such sustained growth and continuing success in the Australian market, it is now timely for Southern Cross to take on its new identity as Kaishan Australia Pty Ltd to align with the company’s global structure and make full use of its vast experience and capabilities in bringing the latest advanced compressed air technologies to Australia.

Southern Cross was formed in 1983 as an air compressor service and maintenance company, and now as Kaishan Australia, the company has transformed every aspect of its operations to a customer oriented company while still expanding and enhancing the product range and its unique technical servicing capabilities.

As one of the world’s largest and most innovative compressed air equipment manufacturers, Kaishan Group’s global research and development resources have worked closely with Southern Cross to design, build and supply an advanced range of industrial air compressors and ancillary products specifically suited to the Australian and SE Asian markets.

With head office, main design and modern manufacturing plants based in China, Kaishan divisions and products are established around the world including in the USA, Austria, Poland, Africa, Russia, Brazil and South East Asia. Kaishan products are sold and supported in more than 60 countries and regions.

According to Mark Ferguson, CEO, Australia and South East Asia: “This integration of a successful Australian group member in its own right and the vast global resources of Kaishan Group ensures our customers will always receive the very latest, most advanced compressed air technologies in the world.

“The quality of our products and industry services are now second to none and with a vastly expanded range of compressor types and capacities, we can satisfy an enormous range of varied applications throughout the country.”

CEO Mark Ferguson

Shane O’Brien, Service Manager adds: “Our expanding fleet of mobile technicians are highly trained and experienced in maintaining and servicing not only Southern Cross and Kaishan branded equipment, but virtually any air compressor and system around the nation. The team are highly capable of diagnosing and solving compressed air problems at short notice.

“We have also developed flexible service programs that ensure maximum long term performance and efficiency of air compressors and operating systems.

“Knowing that the advanced Kaishan products we supply and service are well engineered and absolutely reliable, we are confident in offering extended warranties and a unique, lifetime warranty on the airends in our wide KHE range of rotary screw compressors.”

With energy costs constantly on the increase, access to the latest energy saving technologies that satisfy compressed air demands at the lowest possible cost is a major factor in embracing the needs of Australian industry. Remarkable new technologies such as permanent-magnet variable-speed (PMV) models that are super-efficient, requiring lower powered motors to produce amazing air outputs with minimum maintenance.

Combining advanced PMV technology with Kaishan’s robust 2-stage airends provides major compressed air reliant industries with a viable, affordable power source now and into the future.

Mark Ferguson adds: “Now, as Kaishan Australia, all the right pieces are in place for us to continue to build as a major player in the Australian compressed air industry. With Kaishan’s worldwide ‘Engineering the Future’ philosophy also applied to a wide range of heavy engineering capabilities including waste energy conversion to power, mining and excavation equipment, the Australian market will in the near future see Kaishan Australia expand its products and capabilities in the region.”

The company is currently expanding its national sales and service network and invites enquiries from suitable distributors around the country.

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